“The availability of hospital speciality services through the LTC-CARES program for long term care residents without transferring them from their home setting has and will continue to provide many benefits. Residents remain in their home environment, being cared for by caregivers who know them best and avoiding the many complications that the frail elderly may encounter in a hospital, are just a few important benefits.”

Dr. Kanwal Shankardass, Medical Director, St. Peter’s Residence at Chedoke Long Term Care

“LTC-CARES has transformed the way that acute and LTC centres work together for the quality of care for LTC residents.  This innovative program has closed gaps, opened opportunities and kept the resident at the centre of their care.” 

Jennifer Burgess, Nurse Practitioner, HNHB Nurse Led Outreach Team

“It was a much better experience than sitting in a waiting room for hours!”

“A convenient way to connect with a Emergency Department doc from home.”

“Amazing… I didn’t have to take my baby out in the cold, to a different city, to sit in a hospital waiting room during a pandemic. I can’t recommend this service enough. The reception staff and the doctor were amazing.”

“This virtual clinic visit was amazing! We were feeling very anxious and uncertain about our options. We had concerns about our daughter’s health issue, and concerns about exposure in a waiting room. We were actually able to show the issue and have the doctor provide advice and recommendations about what to watch for. The doctor was fabulous and I highly recommend this service to anyone with children. Thank you.”

“I wouldn’t have gone to the ED if this hadn’t been an option, as I wasn’t sure it was an emergency. With our video appointment, the doctor confirmed it was in fact very urgent and my child needed antibiotics right away. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for the excellent virtual care, then the care when at hospital. This is truly an excellent service.”

“Relief and peace of mind. I’m grateful the doctor was thorough, kind, direct and had good ‘virtual’ bedside manner.”